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Aircraft Financing

We tailor our financing to meet your specific needs on any purchase, refinance or upgrade transaction.

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Aircraft Financing Solutions

Unlock Savings with Our Flexible Aircraft Loan Rates and Terms

With our competitive aircraft loan rates for new or used purchases, you can start saving on your monthly payments or use your equity to get cash out with the following loan products.

Fixed Rates for Aircraft Loans

We offer 15, 20 and 25  year terms on  fixed interest rate aircraft loans…. or you may select any term short of these if you prefer. After the first two years, there are no pre-payment penalties.

Begin Your Aircraft Financing Process

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Start your journey towards aircraft ownership by simply filling out our loan application. Once submitted, our team will promptly contact you to guide you through the next steps.

Navigating Your Loan Journey

Streamlined Process for Your Aircraft Loan Approval

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Your loan application will be reviewed by a USAF representative, who will then contact you via phone or mail to communicate the decision and discuss the details.

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Upon approval a closing date will be set, documents prepared and electronically or expressed to you for signature.

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Once your application is fully approved, the loan documents are signed and returned, and all closing conditions are satisfied, we’ll disburse your loan proceeds.

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Specialized Aircraft Purchase Loans

Tailored Financing for Your Aircraft Acquisition

Our aircraft purchase loans are customized to fit your specific needs, whether you're buying, refinancing, or upgrading. Opt for our Fixed Rate Aircraft Loan, particularly beneficial for pilots planning to keep their aircraft for more than five years.

It ensures a consistent principal and interest payment throughout the loan's duration, providing protection against rising interest rates. With terms up to 25 years available for qualifying applicants, and no pre-payment penalties after the first two years, our financing solutions offer flexibility and security for your aircraft investment.

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Aircraft Loan Refinancing Options

Optimize Your Finances with Fixed Rate Refinancing Loans

Refinance your current aircraft loan to start saving on your monthly payment or use your equity to get cash out

Fixed Rates for Aircraft Refinancing Loans
We offer 15 and 20 (for qualifying applicants) year fixed interest rate aircraft loans…. or you may select any term short of these if you prefer. After the first two years, there are no pre-payment penalties.

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Enhance Your Aircraft with Tailored Loans

Aircraft Upgrade Loans for Your Custom Needs

US Aircraft Finance provides specialized loans for various aircraft upgrades and improvements. Whether you're aiming for a new avionics system, engine overhaul, compliance with Airworthiness Directives (ADs), a fresh paint job, or a revamped interior, we've got a loan that fits your budget. Our Fixed Rate Aircraft Loan is ideal for pilots intending to keep their aircraft and its financing for over five years, offering a consistent principal and interest payment for the loan's duration. This shields you from fluctuating interest rates. We offer terms of 15 and 20 years for eligible applicants, with the flexibility to choose shorter terms if preferred, and no pre-payment penalties after the first two years. Request A Quote to enhance your flying experience with safety and comfort. Request A Quote


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Overwhelmingly the response is that our customers are very satisfied with our performance – in fact the average score USAF has received from our customers is a 95% approval rating.

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It was my first aircraft and you went out of your way to accommodate me on my loan.

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USAF worked their tail off for me!

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Excellent, very satisfied with loan service and staff – very timely closing!



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