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Be Ready as Hurricane Season is Here

Many aircraft owners have suffered partial or complete losses of their aircraft due to hurricane and tropical storms. Their stories, when taken as a whole, allow us to make some practical recommendations about how to plan for hurricanes, and advice on securing your plane in the days and hours before a storm makes landfall. Please note that these suggestions do not constitute directives for our insured customers. Your insurance policy is the sole and definitive source for understanding you responsibilities as a policy holder.

Many aircraft owners have a contingency plan for relocating their aircraft to airfields outside of the projected hurricane path. By maintaining a current list of airports and their contact information, pilots can make informed decisions that take into account the most accurate projection for size and direction of the storm. Sometimes, the best or only alternative is to leave the aircraft in its current location. The decision will be based on many factors that can vary, depending on personal and external circumstances. Wherever your plan is based, wind is the primary threat. The cost of relocation is often reimbursed by the insurance carrier but there are limitations and requirements for said reimbursement so check with your carrier.

Given the intense rains that accompany hurricane season, saturated ground can prove unreliable for tie downs anchors. Moreover, rope and chain strenght is key factor in determining whether an aircraft will remain firmly tethered or will break free. For our customers living in hurricane vulnerable areas, our advice is to invest in top- quality rope or chain. Verifying its original strengthen rating annually, make sure the ends are not frayed, and double it up as a storm approaches. We also caution pilots to monitor the level of ground saturation from previous rainstorms if their anchors are fixed in natural soil. Anchors secured in concrete are always the best option.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office during normal business hours M-F 8:30am-5:30pm EST at 1-888-654-8723.

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