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How To Apply for an Aircraft Loan

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The excitement of buying an aircraft can wane if you don’t have enough funds. Getting the funds can be daunting, especially if it’s your first aircraft purchase, but it doesn’t have to be.

Your worry comes to an end at US Aircraft Finance (USAF). We make the job easier by enabling you to get in the pilot’s seat as fast as possible, especially if you’re looking for a business aircraft to help you save time and money.

Types of Loans We Offer at USAF

At USAF, we can provide financial assistance to:

Our speedy loan process allows for pre-approval in one business day and closing as soon as you are ready so you can quickly get into your new plane.

If you’re looking for the most competitive aircraft loan rates for new and used purchases,USAF has you covered. We enable you to start saving for your monthly payments or use equity to get cash out with the following loan types:

Purchase Fixed Rates

The purchased fixed rates loan is available in 10, 15, 20 and 25 years based on the aircraft’s year and other qualifying factors. You may also choose a 3/1 Year Adjustable Rate Loan, which offers the lowest initial interest rates and minimal monthly payments for the first 3 years.

We will help you determine what works best for your budget as it provides stability and peace of mind because it:

  • Attracts fixed principal and interest payment for the loan’s lifespan
  • Is structured to cushion you from rising interest rates
Refinance Rates

Would you like to refinance your existing aircraft? You can start setting aside your monthly repayment. Alternatively, you can use your equity to access cash out with a fixed rate for aircraft refinancing loans.

The loan product:

  • Is available at 15 and 20-year fixed interest rate aircraft loans
  • Has a shorter loan term option
Upgrade Rates

Under this loan option, you can choose between:

  • Aircraft loan rates: You can access cash out using your equity to upgrade and improve your aircraft
  • Fixed-rate for upgrade and enhancement loans: You can access 15 and 20-year fixed interest rate facilities to upgrade or improve your aircraft. A shorter-term loan is available if you prefer

Loan Process Overview

Fill Out the Application Form

The first step to applying for an aircraft loan is to call one of our finance officers at 802-434-4100 and discuss the aircraft and your general finance questions. We will guide you through the process and answer any questions before you complete and compile the needed documentation.


Once we have answered your questions, you will need to submit a complete USAF application, don’t forget to sign page 2 & 3. Then furnish us with:

Two years of personal and corporate (if it applies) federal tax returns

The last two years’ W2

A copy of the most recent bank statements

Most recent pay stubs for one month


A representative from USAF will get back to you concerning your application. They’ll confirm the information you provide and discuss your loan application. We will notify you within one business day of our decision.

Approval and Closing
  • Complete aircraft pre-buy, aircraft inspection forms and necessary documents
  • Open escrow
  • Complete all pre-closing documents
  • Set a closing date
  • Sign loan documents

Once you have met all required items to close and we have cleared you to complete the process, USAF will disburse your loan proceeds on your closing date so you can fly off in your new plane.

Apply for an Aircraft Loan Today

If you’ve been dreaming about flying on your own schedule and you want to make it a reality, an aircraft loan from USAF is the only thing standing between you and your dream. Why wait any longer when we can provide you with the finances you need to be equipped with your own aircraft? You can fill out our form for a free quote or contact us via phone or email to speak to a knowledgeable aircraft finance representative.

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