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Receive the Gift of Flight this Holiday Season

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The end of the year is an opportune time for business owners to take advantage of tax deductions. Any funds a business uses to invest in equipment or machinery, like an aircraft, can be written off as a tax deduction. The deduction can be used to deduct the cost of the machinery, dollar for dollar, in one year, and even extends to used equipment.

Get yourself the gift of flight… and tax deductions!

According to the New York Times, business owners can “deduct 100 percent of a plane’s purchase price and maintenance expenses if the plane is used for nonrecreational purposes.” After that initial year, the owner must use the plane at least 50 percent of the time for business to keep the deduction.

Operating a business aircraft can save time and can improve your bottom line. These are just a few of the unbeatable benefits to owning your own aircraft:

  1. Travel to business meetings in your own aircraft and on your own schedule.
  • Resorting to commercial flights means you must stick to the itinerary of flights that are available, and often mean flying in discomfort surrounded by people. Using your own plane means you can create your own schedule and fly in a comfortable aircraft without the rest of the crowd.
  1. Avoid airport lines and charges.
  • Airport lines are lengthy, and commercial flights are expensive — without even adding the cost of checked baggage, food, and other necessary expenses. Avoid the waiting and save your hard-earned dollars by jumping on your own flight.
  1. Attend meetings in locations where commercial flights can’t go.
  • Some runways are too short for commercial aircraft, but with your own business plane you can land in the hard-to-reach locations where business might take you.
  1. Improve meetings with face-to-face interaction, rather than communicating via email.
  • Meeting with clients or business partners in person adds a special touch to your business. It shows that you care and are willing to take the time to personally visit with them rather than take the easy road and communicate strictly online.
  1. Make your dreams of flight come true — at no cost to you!
  • Owning an aircraft is a dream for many people, and luckily it can be made into a reality by purchasing a plane for your business.


Flight is the gift that keeps on giving

Even if you already own your own aircraft, there’s always room for improvement! Aside from financing an aircraft purchase, here’s what else we can help you with:

Looking to upgrade?

From paint jobs to engine overhauls, we can help you acquire the aircraft of your dreams.

Many aircraft owners are currently upgrading avionics systems to comply with new FAA regulations. Starting January 1, 2020, all aircraft will be required to support Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) under the Next Generation Air Traffic Control System, or “NextGen.” This will upgrade the current air transportation system technology to replace the ground-based radar systems with satellite-controlled systems.

Apply for pre-approval today to upgrade!

Need to refinance?

Make the change today to lower your interest rate, extend your loan term, and start saving money. One of our representatives can work with you to find out what plan is right for you. We offer refinancing rates for all budgets and needs.

Thinking of refinancing but aren’t sure if it’s your best option? Check out our Aircraft Loan Comparison Calculator to calculate the monthly payment and interest costs for up to four aircraft loans for comparison purposes — all on one screen.

For more information, contact our customer service to find out more about your aviation refinancing options or fill out our form to apply today.

Changing insurance?

Through our US Aircraft Insurance subsidiary, our aviation insurance experts team up with the best insurance underwriting companies in the aviation industry. We offer liability, hull, and medical coverage so you can be confident that you’re covered while in the sky.

Unlike other types of insurance, we can negotiate aviation insurance to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for; with our knowledge and experience combined with the best rates and terms and high-quality customer service, US Aircraft Insurance is sure to please.

You can fly high this holiday season

Looking to purchase an aircraft of your own, or make upgrades and improvements to your aircraft? Our team at US Aircraft Finance can work directly with you to find a loan to suit your specific budget. No matter your goal — a new or used plane, a fresh paint job, an avionics stack upgrade, or a complete engine overhaul — we have an aircraft loan that will make your holiday season a little merrier.

We can simplify the financing process so you can get a competitive rate, hassle-free. In just three easy steps, we’ll have you on your way to the aircraft of your dreams.

1.    Calculate

Use our handy online Airplane Loan Qualification Calculator to find out how much aircraft you can afford. Quickly and easily estimate your budget based on your annual income, monthly debt, and interest rate.

Qualifying applicants can receive a loan length of up to 25 years!

2.    Apply

Just fill out our online loan application and then email it to us. It really is that easy. We will review your application to get your pre-approval ASAP.*

*Note: Pages 2 and 3 require your signature. You will also need to submit additional documentation, including tax returns, a copy of your W2, and recent pay stubs.

3.    Review

We will assign a USAF representative to work with you to find the best option for your budget. Our fixed rates include 15 and 20 year terms with up to 25 years amortization schedules, or any shorter term you prefer.

Contact us today for more information

Whether you’re ready to apply today or have questions before moving forward, our friendly and reliable customer service experts can answer any questions you have, from upgrade options to insurance coverage and today’s low rates.

Contact us today!

Phone: (802) 434-4100

Toll Free: (888) 654-USAF (8723)


Write: USAF, P.O. Box 999, Richmond, VT 05477

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