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USAF Suggested Itinerary for Oshkosh 2019

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July is fast approaching, which means Oshkosh 2019 is almost here! Running from Monday, July 22 to Sunday, July 28, the festival has an overwhelming number of demonstrations, lectures, hands-on activities, and more.

We suggest that you buy a program, which contains a detailed map, grab a free copy of AirVenture Today, and read both before starting out. This will help returning and first-time visitor’s deal with the scale of the 1,400-acre show grounds.

To help get you started, we’ve mapped out our ideal itinerary for the week.

Monday, July 22nd

9-10AM What to know when you don’t know FAA Pilot Proficiency Center
10-11:15AM Advanced STOL and Back country flying Forum Stage 5
11:30-12:45PM When the engine goes silent FAA Aviation Safety Center
12:45–1:30PM Fly with the Ipad as a Digital Co-pilot AOPA
1:00–2:15PM Safety Risk Management, Identification, & Mitigation NAFI booth
1:00–2:15PM IFR made easy Forum Stage 1
2:30–3:45PM Single Pilot IFR Forum Stage 6

Tuesday, July 23rd

8:30–9:45AM Short field takeoffs and landings Forum Stage 5
8:30–9:45AM Decision making in Crisis Forum Stage 5
10:15-11:15AM Aviation Weather Sources EAA Pilot Proficiency Ctr.
11:30-12:45PM Enhancing WX Knowledge and Training NAFI booth
11:30-12:30PM 5 things you were never taught about aviation weather EAA Pilot Proficiency Ctr
4:00-5:15PM Aviate, navigate, then communicate Forum Stage 4

Wednesday, July 24th

8:30-9:45AM 5 easy ways to fly safely Forum stage 8
10:00-11:15AM When the engine goes silent NAFI booth
11:30-12:30PM Thunderstorm hazard EAA Proficiency Ctr.
2:00-3:00PM ATC and you – VFR and services provided EAA Proficiency Ctr.
2:30-3:45PM Foreflight in emergencies Forum stage 10
4:00-5:15PM Contact tower with ATC Forum stage 10

Thursday, July 25th

11:30–12:30PM Icing – understanding why, where, and how to avoid EAA Pilot Proficiency Ctr.
11:30-12:45PM Advanced STOL ad back country flying Forum Stage 5
12:45-1:45PM Loss of control and keeping the sunny side up Forum stage 5
1:00-2:15PM Inflight Thunderstorm Hazard Forum stage 3
2:00-2:45PM Engine Failure after takeoff AOPA
2:00-3:00PM ATC and you – don’t let that cloud fool you EAA pilot proficiency ctr.

Friday, July 26th

9:00-10:00AM NTSB weather lessons learned and tools to mitigate Vintage Hangar
10:15-11:15AM Fly confidently with Foreflight EAA Pilot Proficiency Ctr.
11:00-11:45AM ADS-B – what you need to know for 2020 AOPA
11:30-12:45PM Flying with the Ipad as a digital pilot Forum Stage 9
1:00-2:15PM 10 biggest Ipad mistakes Forum stage 2
2:00-3:00PM ATC and you – don’t let that airport fool you EAA Pilot Proficiency Ctr.
2:30-3:45PM TC and your next emergency Forum stage 2

Saturday, July 27th

10:00-11:15AM Fly the Caribbean Forum stage 10
11:30-12:45PM Flying Alaska to Florida NAFI booth
1:30 – 2:15PM Flying to Canada International Fed Pavilion
3:00-3:45PM Flying to the Bahamas International Fed Pavilion

Looking to create your own itinerary?

Visit the AirVenture Master Schedule of Events for a full listing of shows, lectures, and activities. You can also download the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019 App for iPhone and Android, or use their My Itinerary feature to keep track of your schedule. For more information about AirVenture, visit their website here.

Regardless of what you end up doing, Oshkosh 2019 is guaranteed to have exciting events and activities for all ages. We are very much looking forward to seeing you there. Don’t forget to stop by our booth to learn more about financing and insurance options. We will be at Booth #3020 in Hanger C. As always, we will have applications available at our booth and proudly offer same-day pre-approval.

See you at Oshkosh!

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