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The Complete History of U.S. Aircraft Finance: Celebrating National Aviation History Month

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National Aviation History Month in November is a time to celebrate America’s contribution to aviation and its development. The 30-day event highlights the achievements, advancements, and various accolades of people who have contributed to aviation and aerospace in the country.

Some of the various ways people celebrate the months include reading copies of aviation history and watching documentaries of brilliant minds dedicated to advancing the industry. The celebration aims to show appreciation and understanding of the basics of American aviation developments.

The history of aviation itself is a long one, starting as early as 350 B.C when the Chinese used to fly kites. Today, there are over 200,000 flights per day worldwide, with some airports reporting an average of 100 flights hourly. The humble beginnings of kites and gliders have advanced to the currently witnessed supersonic aircraft like Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin.

At U.S. Aircraft Finance, we assist people in buying and owning General Aviation Aircraft, new or used. We offer the needed support for anyone looking for refinancing opportunities or looking to upgrade their airplanes with new technology like updated avionics to support ADS-B or mechanics like new engines.

To understand how all these came to be, let’s first find out the history of U.S. Aircraft Finance and its contribution to the aviation industry.

Brief History of U.S. Aircraft Finance

USAF is the brain-child of an Air force Veteran and a former Air National Guard, Dave Savoie. We are an independent aircraft finance company offering aviation financing and aircraft insurance. For over 20 years, USAF has grown to become an industry leader with competitive rates and excellent customer service. To understand the USAF’s beginning, development, and future, let’s look at it from the eyes of the owner, Dave Savoie.

Who is Dave Savoie?

Dave Savoie, the USAF founder, and owner is an Air Force veteran. He served as a KC-135 pilot refueling fighters, bombers, and the infamous SR-71 during the 60’s Vietnam War. He also served and lived with the Green Berets.

Dave accumulated approximately 1,000 hours of combat flight time when he served as a Forward Air Controller in the O-1 Bird Dog. From the war, he joined the Rhode Island Air National Guard, where he became the Command Pilot and Chief of the Command Post. As the aircraft commander, he flew the C-130 Hercules. His retirement came after 22 years in service.

During the lengthy service, Dave received various medals, declarations, and ribbons, such as:

  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Air Force Commendation Award
  • Armed Forces Reserve Medal
  • National Defense Service Medal
  • 2 Vietnam Service Medals
  • Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal
  • 14 Air Medals for Meritorious Achievement in Aerial Flight
  • Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon
  • 3 A.F. Longevity Service and Award Ribbons
  • Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Device

Dave’s extensive military experience, passion for service, knowledge of financing, and love of flight gave birth to U.S. Aircraft Finance.

Reasons for Creating U.S. Aircraft Finance

Dave’s mission with USAF was to offer unbiased and reliable customer service in a field he understands and loves. While working in the banking industry, Dave found it often difficult to provide the level of service he would like. Something would always interfere with his progress.

Additionally, the nuances of the aviation industry make it challenging for banks and customers to communicate the correct financing information on time. There are various details in the financing process and having too many parties involved, can result in a poor customer experience.

USAF is a one-of-a-kind service where customers can enjoy direct services from knowledgeable aircraft finance guides. Customers can receive a same-day application and approval process with a potential next-day finance agreement closing.

It is safe to say that USAF stands for helping customers navigate the complex financing and loan industry. Our primary aim is to offer accessible, prompt, customized services to make aviation financing a breeze.

Why Choose USAF

USAF is ideal for customers looking for simple, convenient, prompt, and competitive loan rates. The loan rates are some of the lowest in the business. Being a veteran-owned business, we also provide military discounts to make owning an aircraft simple.

At USAF, service is at our core. We are dedicated to getting every customer the financing they need to achieve their dreams. Contact us today or fill out a free quote to get started. You can also follow our blog to learn more about our services and receive updates on aviation trends.

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