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Aviation Insurance

We combine our knowledgeable team of aviation insurance professionals with the industry’s most respected aviation insurance underwriting companies.

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Securing Your Skies

US Aircraft Insurance: Tailored Coverage, Unbeatable Rates

US Aircraft Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for all types of flying and aircraft. Enjoy benefits like increased hull value, hangar insurance, and competitive rates, backed by our expertise in negotiating with A+ rated underwriters.

Experience personalized service and tailored policies at the best rates. Need aviation insurance? Call us at (888) 654-USAF (8723) for a no-obligation quote!

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Understanding Aircraft Liability Insurance

Choose Your Coverage: Aircraft Liability Insurance Options

Aircraft liability insurance covers you if your aircraft causes injury or property damage.

There are two main types: Combined Single Limit (smooth limit), offering broad coverage with a single limit per occurrence (e.g., $1 million total for injury and property damage), and Combined Single Limit (sub-limit), which has a cap per passenger (e.g., $1 million total, but only $100,000 per passenger). The former is more costly but offers wider coverage, while the latter is more affordable with specific limits.

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Comprehensive Aircraft Protection

Hull Coverage: Secure Your Aircraft with US Aircraft Finance

US Aircraft Finance offers airplane insurance, providing protection against damage or loss to your aircraft.

Policies typically feature a Stated Value, which determines the payout in case of total loss, minus any deductibles. If a total loss occurs, ownership of the aircraft transfers to the insurance company. It's crucial to ensure your aircraft is not underinsured to avoid potential loss.

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Essential Medical Protection

Medical Payment Coverage in Aviation Insurance

US Aircraft Insurance provides medical payment coverage as part of its aviation insurance, offering immediate medical expense payments for injuries from aircraft accidents.

This "no-fault" insurance covers medical costs regardless of liability, bridging gaps not covered by personal health insurance. Coverage amounts range from $1,000 to $15,000.

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