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Financing Your Aircraft Purchase, Refinancing, or Upgrades

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While the world is finding ways to deal with the current situation that has been created due to the coronavirus, we would like to let our customers know that our team at US Aircraft Finance is fully available to assist with financing your aircraft purchase, refinancing, and upgrades.

Our nimble staff have swiftly adjusted to the current restrictions and are still able to provide our full range of aircraft financing services during these times. Unlike many other finance agencies, we as a direct lender have not been impacted or hit with any impediments that have slowed us down in our approval process, we are prepared to connect our clients with excellent service and rates as usual.

As many pilots are stuck at home wondering how to fill the days, this makes it a great time to look into purchasing, refinancing, or upgrading your aircraft. With interest rates currently sitting at a historic low, now is an excellent time to consider making your dream of flight a reality or to refinance and save some extra funds. Or, if you are in need of aircraft upgrades, it is also an opportune time to look into financing options for your desired upgrades as well.

Need to apply for an aircraft loan? Apply now and we are standing by to answer your questions – speed guaranteed!

Purchasing Your Aircraft

Remaining in isolation due to the recent orders to stay home combined with being cooped up inside during the late winter months has made it even more refreshing to see the snow thawing and springtime finally arriving across the nation. As the weather brightens, so does our excitement to get back into the skies and fly during the prime months out of the year. Even though we must stay away from others, we are lucky that we can still take to the skies and savor the joy of flight.

Owning an aircraft is not only a great hobby but is also a practical purchase for both leisure and business travel purposes. Whatever your needs are, we can help connect you with the best aircraft for your budget. We can tailor our financing to meet your specific needs on any purchase transaction. Even if you do not have an aircraft currently, a variety of aircraft loans from US Aircraft Finance are available to you as always.

Wondering what amount of aircraft your budget can get you? Use our handy calculator to find out the answer to the important question, “How much aircraft can I afford?”

Aircraft Insurance

Every aircraft owner needs insurance, so be sure to check out our aviation insurance options including our aircraft liability coverage, hull coverage, medical coverage, and more.


Aviation refinancing means you can extend your loan term, lower your interest rate, and start saving. Refinancing can help you save on your monthly payment, or you can use your equity to get cash out with several available loan options.

With rates at a historic low, it is an excellent time to consider refinancing your current aircraft loans to take advantage of the current rates and pay less moving forward.

Should you refinance? Our refinancing calculator can calculate the monthly payment and interest costs for up to four aircraft loans all on one screen so you can compare your options and find out what is best for you.


If you are looking to make upgrades and improvements to your aircraft, we offer loans that will suit every budget. Whether it’s for a new avionics stack, engine overhaul, complying with ADS-B, a new paint job, or interior, we have the aircraft loan to help you with financing your aircraft upgrades.

Why Upgrade Now?

Due to continual advancements in avionic technology, there are more options for mandatory and optional aircraft upgrades than ever before. As aircraft owners bring their aircraft in for regularly scheduled maintenance, they are increasingly tempted to make more upgrades once they see the exciting new tech available in the shop. This can quickly increase upgrade pricing from $10k to a $50k project, but luckily there are “flynancing” options to help cover the cost.

Whether you’re planning a change that’s required by the FAA, just window shopping for something to make your flight more comfortable, or both, our financing options can help you to make the aircraft upgrades you’ve always dreamed of.

ADS-B Upgrade

An upgrade that was mandated by the FAA as of January 2020 is the installation of an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) system. An ADS-B system uses satellite navigation to determine an aircraft’s position and broadcasts that information, allowing it to be tracked by regulatory bodies.

This allows flight traffic controllers to more accurately monitor aircraft and manage them more efficiently. This technology grants a more holistic situational awareness of the skies and is mandatory for the safety of all aviators.

Aesthetic Upgrades

Types of upgrades that can quickly revitalize an aging plane are those that are purely aesthetic. A simple paint job can restore a tired-looking plane and grab the attention of fellow aviators on the runway. An upgrade to your interior can provide a similar second wind to your aircraft and can keep you comfortable while soaring overhead.

Financing Your Aircraft Purchase, Refinancing, or Upgrades

Whether you are looking into purchasing your first (or second, or third!) aircraft, refinancing your aircraft loans, or looking to upgrade, our team at US Aircraft Finance can help. In addition to our legendary customer service, working with us is a streamlined process¾it’s easy, financing is simple, and it’s done in the comfort of your home within a day or so. No bank visits are required, there’s no need to go anywhere for closing, and because we are a direct lender you won’t have to deal with a middleman.

It is an opportune time to look into financing your aircraft upgrades, purchases, and refinancing as we are seeing historically low interest rates at this time. Combined with our fixed rates currently as low as 3.99%, your next upgrade, refinance, or purchase could be financed at an affordable amount that will get you flying sooner than you could have anticipated.

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