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Financing Your Aircraft Purchase

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Summer is in full swing, and the beautiful weather may have you considering an aircraft purchase.

Make your dream aircraft a reality with our hassle-free, competitive loan rates and insurance coverage. You can quickly and easily determine what you can afford in three simple steps that will get you on your way to flying this summer.

3 Steps to Purchasing Your New Aircraft


1.   How Much Can I Afford?

The first step to financing your purchase is determining exactly how much you can afford to spend. Use our Airplane Loan Qualification Calculator to make this process simpler.

This calculator will quickly and easily estimate what you can afford based on your annual income, monthly debt, interest rate and length of the loan. We require a 10% down payment and offer loan lengths up to 25 years for qualifying applicants.

2.   What Are My Loan Options?

We tailor our financing to satisfy the needs of our customers with fixed rates and terms that fit your needs. We lend up to 90% on many single engine aircrafts of our aircraft valuation or purchase price (whichever is less)!

Fixed Rate Aircraft Loan

For buyers looking to keep their financing for more than five years, a fixed rate loan offers stability and peace of mind that you are protected against rising interest rates.

3.   Does USAF Also Offer Insurance?

Financing your aircraft is the first step, but insurance is vital to protecting your investment. Aircraft insurance policies include liability, hull and medical coverage.

Working with aviation insurance carriers from A-rating or better, USAF will work hard to find you the best possible coverage for the lowest rate.

Review our USAF Aircraft Insurance application here for more information, or fill out our form here for a free quote.

Buying an aircraft is a major financial decision, so you must ensure you are using the right resources and speaking with knowledgeable professionals. USAF makes handling new aircraft purchases hassle-free by offering expert advice and competitive financing.

Start the loan process today by filling out our Aircraft Loan Application here.


For more information regarding loan rates, qualification, or the application process, visit our FAQ.

You can also find all of our contact information here.

We are customer service-oriented and will always be available to take your call and answer your questions, whether you need information about your account or are looking to finance your next aircraft purchase through us. Service and speed, always guaranteed!

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Expert Guidance in Aircraft Financing and Insurance

For any questions about aircraft financing and insurance, our FAQ page offers the quick answers you need. For personalized support, feel free to contact us anytime. We're here to help you with expert guidance.

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