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Protect Yourself During Hurricane Season with Aircraft Insurance

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According to forecasters at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, the 2022 hurricane season is forecasted to be above average. NOAA has forecasted around 14 to 21 storms, with at least six hurricanes and three to six storms categorized as major hurricanes. This means you will likely experience intense storms with winds moving at speeds over 100 miles per hour more than once this season!

Regardless of the degree of the storm, it is always best to have a hurricane plan for your aircraft—and insurance is essential.

Most aircraft insurance policies cover the reimbursement costs associated with the aircraft moving in an area after a hurricane warning. Still, not all insurers issue the same coverage when a hurricane watch is issued in less than 24-48 hours prior. It is prudent to stay updated on what your policy offers.

Why You Should Insure Your Aircraft

The likelihood of an aircraft getting damaged by storms like hurricanes is small, but that risk still factors into insurance costs. For example, the cost of any physical damage to the plane due to the storm can be high if the aircraft was left outdoors during severe weather.

Another essential consideration is the assessment of storm damage. In this case, the insurer and adjuster will want to determine how the damage occurred and any details that help determine the amount of compensation required. It includes inspecting and evaluating damage to develop a repair plan.

During this process, the evaluation will determine the equipment that requires repair or replacement. With this information, you can then file a claim to cover the cost of the damage using your aircraft insurance. It is not easy with the dynamic nature of slow-moving storms like hurricanes. For such reasons, it is wise to partner with a reliable insurance provider.

Aircraft Insurance from US Aircraft Finance

US Aircraft Finance works with some of the most comprehensive, A+ aircraft insurance carriers that you need to protect your aircraft at all times, especially during hurricane season.

Through our subsidiary, US Aircraft Insurance, we combine our knowledgeable team of aviation insurance professionals with the industry’s most respected aviation insurance underwriting companies.

Get Your Free Insurance Quote Today

Getting reliable aircraft insurance can be challenging during hurricane season. That’s why we make the application process painless and straightforward.

Apply for a free insurance quote now or contact us to speak to one of our aircraft experts today.

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