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4 Reasons Why Buying an Aircraft is the Right Move for Your Business

Purchasing an airplane can help your business thrive. Not only does this investment help you save time and money, but it also optimizes your travel options and creates enjoyable opportunities for you and your team.

In this article, we will explore four reasons why buying an aircraft is the right move for your business.

Save Time and Money

Time, as they say, is money. Having access to a private aircraft will significantly reduce the amount of time your business spends on travel. By car, every business trip consumes at least two working days—one as the employee arrives at their destination and another as they leave it.

Even commercial flights can be incredibly time-consuming, as team members lose many hours to security, baggage, layovers, etc. Not only do these obstacles slow you down, but they can also create problems. What frequent traveler hasn’t missed—or at least nearly missed—a flight thanks to long lines at security?

A company-owned airplane will get your team where they need to be in a small fraction of the time. It’s also a more affordable investment than many business owners realize. Tax deductions for asset depreciation help offset the cost, and the purchase price and fuel expenses are also deductible.

Meanwhile, the improved productivity allows your business to make more trips and better capitalize on opportunities.

Access to Smaller Airports

If business takes you to small or remote locations, getting there can be a real hassle. Commercial airlines often can’t or won’t fly to small local airports. This means flying into a major city, and then driving—sometimes for hours—to your intended destination.

Smaller airports can accommodate business aircraft, making travel much more direct and saving you enormous amounts of time. The logistical aspects of going through major airports consume hours on every trip.

Smaller airports are easy to use. You drive up, park, and board within minutes instead of hours.

Turn Business Into Leisure

Another benefit of aircraft ownership is that you can visit places you would never think of visiting and make stops wherever you want—on the way to your destination or even on the way back.

This flexibility can create opportunities. No longer bound to a flight schedule, you can easily modify any business trip to make sure that you accomplish what is needed before returning home.

Sometimes, “what is needed” may include personal pursuits. Business aircraft remain tax deductible as long as you use them for professional purposes 50% of the time. That gives you lots of room to make time for leisure activities during your business travel. Layover in Miami? Why not?

No Need to Rent

Many businesses find that it is more affordable to buy an airplane than it is to rent one. This, of course, will ultimately depend on how frequently you travel by air. A general rule of thumb is that if you fly for more than 100 hours a year, it is more affordable to buy a plane than it is to rent one.  

Naturally, the more you use the plane, the better your ROI becomes. That said, the benefits of ownership over renting a plane extend beyond finances. Another thing to consider? Owning your own plane is more fun!

While renting a private plane helps you avoid many of the headaches associated with commercial air travel, there are unavoidable challenges you’ll have to slug through. Flexibility is limited by when you can book a rental. The quality and condition of the vehicle you wind up with may vary and are largely out of your control.

Phrases like “It’s just a rental” are inescapable as you describe your trip to colleagues or clients over drinks. By contrast, the pleasure and pride that comes with plane ownership are benefits in their own right.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing an aircraft not only adds value to your business but also saves time, money, and frustration

Owning an aircraft isn’t just fun, it’s practical

If you are interested in financing an aircraft, our team of experts specializes in that area and can help you find the right loan for your business. Contact us today.

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