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What’s your Favorite- TTX or Cirrus?

I often get asked the question, “Which plane is your favorite? The TTx or the Cirrus?”  There are unique aspects to each airplane. Although they might fulfill similar missions, they each have their own benefits which will draw people to one or the other depending on their preferences.

Both airplanes are constructed primarily of composite materials. This allows for advanced aircraft design and laminar flow wings.

For all practical purposes, these engines are the same.  Each uses different methods of controlling the manifold pressure/RPM combination, but each has relatively similar performance. In the past, Cirrus used a turbo-normalizing system (SR22TN), but later switched to the Continental factory twin-turbocharger option similar to what Columbia/Cessna had been using.

In general, the TTx is approximately 5 to 15 knots faster than the SR22T. This varies based on operating parameters and installed equipment. For instance, FIKI, EVS, A/C on/off, etc. The overall economy (nautical miles per gallon) is going to be very close on both airplanes. So what’s your favorite?

I am still undecided but  invite you all to email me directly at: alex@usaircraft finance. com  to share your thoughts. We offer financing and insurance for both aircrafts and would like to hear what you have to say. Be well and fly safe!



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